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Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Hello all, from Artsieladie!

Some 'horsey' digital art by yours truly, this is my "Golden Promise Pegasus" carrying a banner saying "Merry Christmas - Happy New Year". The smaller versions shown here, uploaded to Google, are really small versions compared to the VERY large versions I actually created, which look great on a large screen that can accommodate the very large sizes.

There are two versions. One version, "Golden Promise - Christmas Pegasus", I entered into a Christmas contest on Elftown.com, hence the text at the bottom of the image and the other I did not.

The initial Golden Promise Pegasus I completed on ©2009-12-20. I placed him in these Christmas Works on ©2010-12-20. 

"'Christ'-mas Pegasus" (Golden Promise Pegasus)
Art by Artsieladie
(smaller size) 
Full 'smaller' size PNG (850x1170):
Full 'larger' size PNG  is 3,250 x 4,474.
                                             Spreading Christmas Greetings far and wide,
                                             As across the sky, he does soar and glide.
                                             Merry Christmas to all with lots of cheer.
                                             Many blessings too, throughout the New Year!

"Christmas Pegasus" (Golden Promise Pegasus)
Art by Artsieladie
(smaller size)
Full 'smaller' size PNG (850x1162):
Full 'larger' size PNG is 3,475 x 4,750.
"Merry Christmas!"
"Happy New Year!"
Digital Arts by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly  
Golden Promise Pegasus: ©2009-12-20
Christmas Pegasus: ©2010-12-20
All rights reserved.
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With His Love, God created them all!"
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Art by Artsieladie