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Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Greetings everyone!

Ordinarily, I post my art, poetry, and quotes. But this post is an exception because I'm this disappointed with Google's latest developments or should I say, "digressive moves". I Google and Google products and services for the most part, but what they did by implementing Google Photos to replace Picasa and now, what they've done with the Google +1 button, perhaps someone should inform them that they are NOT making "improvements".

As I've stated, generally speaking I like Google products and services and I appreciate the fact they offer so many for free or for very reasonable, affordable rates. But with this said,  I still can't comprehend why Google makes the changes they do, especially  when the changes make Google digressive instead of progressive. 

Google gave up Picasa Web and put in motion instead, Google Photos.  All older photos/images have been archived. Now archived, the "OWNER of the photos/images" cannot do ANYTHING with THEIR OWN photos/images, except download or delete. They cannot be edited, moved, or anything else. You can't get the actual image link address to any photos, either, whether new or old. The only way I know of to get the "actual image address" for an image is to upload it to a blogger blog of mine. So, I have to ask, how does one achieve this if they don't have a blogger blog? 

On top of this, ALL view counts have been removed and the G+ is no longer available for photos. Why? Why can't we, the owners of the images, know if our images/photos are being viewed and/or G+'ed? I'm an artist, poet, and writer of quotes. So yeah, I like to know if my works are being seen and/or liked (G+'ed) or not. Most creative types do. How many creative people, for example, create say, an artwork and then shove it in a closet or somewhere out of sight? Not too many! How about photographers? Do they take photos to 'hide' them? Of course not! 

People in general like to know if what they put out there is being seen and/or liked or not. Otherwise, what's the point? There isn't any point or purpose for posting anything, regardless if for the general public or for a limited audience, if what's being posted isn't to be seen by others and on the Internet the only way to know this, is through the like/G+ buttons, view counter, and comments. Since many don't bother writing comments, the like/G+ button and view count are two invaluable tools. Taking them away or drastically limiting their usage and availability can't be anything but a huge step backwards, digressive.

Then what about those who rely on tools to help them with marketing their product or service? Views and likes or G+'s help them know what content works better for them and what doesn't. Here again, relying on people commenting to show support and/or liking something is unreliable and primitive when there are better and more productive tools that can be used 'in conjunction with' comments. I can't perceive that those in online marketing can possibly be pleased with the digression.

..And the G+ button is "evolving"!? This is what Google's been saying when you click on the G+ button on my blogs anyway for about a month or so. The emperor was fully clothed too as he marched down the street, I suppose? (From The Emperor's New Clothes fable) Removing the G+ count from everywhere, except on Google Plus is considered by Google to be "evolving"!? Confining the G+ count to Google Plus only is a "progressive move"!? Who and how many at Google aren't getting their proper rest to think clearly? 

Just one more way for Facebook to have the advantage because Facebook like buttons and counts are everywhere. The Facebook Developers must be loving this latest move by Google. Google+ is already so isolated and isolating the G+ button's count now as well by confining it to Google+ posts only, can only isolate the social media site even more. Is Google trying or wanting to do away with Google+? It's looking like they are because instead of making 'improvements', they're taking away tools many like and even rely on that are offered still by other competitive social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

So, ALL view counts Google has removed and now ALL G+ counts have been removed, except on ONLY Google+ "posts". "Not everyone belongs to Google+, Google." I'm thinking that I might as well remove my G+ button from my blogs because Shareaholic has it covered to G+ a blog post and then I don't have to be constantly reminded that Google took my G+ count away. I hope Google doesn't take over Twitter because all the likes and impressions will be removed from Twitter too probably.

But it doesn't do any good to complain even with validity because Google just does things from Google's perspective, making us, the users, feel like we don't matter and as with anything that relies on the users/consumers approval ratings and support, when this approval and support wanes, falls by the wayside, no matter how big an entity is, it will crumble as a result eventually. 

Users and/or consumers are the ones who make or break a business, organization, website, etc.. If those who are running the show aren't acutely aware of this key factor and it's crucial role in keeping a business, organization, website, etc. going AND thriving, whatever entity it is, it can't thrive or survive. Ignoring the users/consumers, the 'backbone element', does have a negative impact, unnoticeable at first but cumulatively over time produces dire, irreversible consequences. Google is big but Google is not exempt from being subjected to users'/consumers' make or break capability. Without us users/consumers, Google wouldn't still be in existence. 

..And speaking of websites, the main reason why Elftown.com died is because the regular users, the community body, the 'backbone element', were ignored and treated like they were insignificant (and many were mocked, belittled, and even harassed by some staff members), while a number of those running the site took on an air of self promotion and importance. The site became a place run by and to serve an elitist group, cliche, who used double standards and sucked up to a manipulating ringleader, who if someone disagreed with or didn't kiss their behind, they were then made the subjects of petty, childish, and cruel insults, and often collectively by several staff members (mobbing). There was a complete lack of professionalism by several running the site. But then again, on the whole how professional can teenagers running anything be? It's not that young folks aren't intelligent or don't have good, new and fresh ideas, because they are and do, but very few have enough "experience" to run a website "professionally". So, as a result, a once really great website, has bitten the dust.

Therefore, the point is, running an entity and keeping it thriving and surviving is keeping the users/consumers pleased with and wanting to use whatever it is that's being offered. Alienate the users/consumers and the beginning of the end inevitably looms on the horizon.

💗 Have a Blessed Day! 💗
~ Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly 
All rights reserved.
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