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Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Greetings everyone!

I'm grateful for so many things,
For all the joys that life brings.
But I'm grateful too for lessons learned
Through those by whom I've been burned.
The good in life can't be appreciated
Without having the bad well illustrated.
So when my blessings I do count,
I do include in this vast amount

All those who have done me wrongs
To cherish more those with whom my Love belongs.

"For all those in our lives who've taught us the hardest lessons well,
If we learn to be grateful for and forgiving of, then peace within will dwell."

~ Artsieladie Quote 

Art/poetry by Artsieladie
PNG url:

I am Grateful for a lot, oh, so many things,
For all the joy and pleasure life to me brings.
I am Grateful to God, for all His many Blessings,
On my life's plate, the garnishes and dressings.

I am Grateful for my blessed Mother,
For my family of like blood or other.
I am Grateful for my friends, especially those true
Who've supported me, my tough times, through.

It's easy to be Grateful for what happens in our favour
And it's what we treasure most, cling to and savour.
But gratefulness should be felt for other things as well,
Things and people who've made our life not always swell.

I'm Grateful for my life that's been tough so many times,
For giving to me material to write about in rhymes.
If my life was smooth with no challenges for me to face,
There'd be no perspicacity to draw from my inner place.

Those who have chosen to be an opposing enemy,
At first I really struggled with until I came to see
Their dislike for me was not about my wrong,
But instead, is about that which makes me strong.

People who care not or who have no inner desire
To cultivate integrity within themselves, for, aspire,
Resent those who do, the initiative, take,
Refusing to accept themselves as a common fake.

Jealousy is nothing more than inverted admiration;
Self resentment projected to ease one's frustration.
No one is ever jealous of a character trait that's bad,
But are jealous of a trait they only wish they had.

Gratefulness depends upon our own perspective,
Whether positive or negative, defines our objective.
If, in every cloud, we seek and find the silver lining, 
Gratefulness, not bitterness, to, we'll be resigning.

Art/poetry by Artsieladie
PNG url:

For all those in my life I've encountered along the way,
Who have treated me badly, I have this to say:
"Thank you for showing me what NOT to be like;
The path to steer clear of and onto never hike.

Thank you for insisting that a failure I would be,
For it stirred within a passion to be a better me.
Thank you for hurting me; it made me realise
How others feel when hurt and I can empathise.

Thanks for being greedy, thinking only of yourself;
This book you learned from is banned from my shelf.
Thanks for acting like you're so much better than I,
Showing me the ego one can't trust or upon, rely.

Thank you for all the lies and all of the deceiving.
You taught me to be more careful with my believing.
Thank you for clarifying that lying doesn't pay,
That being on the side of Truth is the only right way.

Thank you for being phony, fake, and superficial.
You taught me being true and real trumps artificial.
Thanks for your non-friendship, pretending that you care;
You taught me to appreciate true friends always there.

Thank you for showing me so many false baits,
And too, displaying the bad and ugliest of traits.
For my character building, you have provided clarity;
What traits to nurture and not to build integrity."

I am Grateful for all who have crossed my path in life;
Those who eased my burdens, those who brought me strife.
Both have been blessings and have done for me a favour;
Which to be unlike and which to be more like to savour.

For all those in my life I've encountered along the way,
Who've positively enriched my life, I have this to say:
"Thank you for inspiring me, showing me I could
Pursue and follow also, stay on the path of good.

Art/poetry by Artsieladie
PNG url:

Thank you for encouraging and believing in me,
Appreciating my efforts and for making me see
That I have value in ways money cannot ever buy;
Those against me can't win in spite of how hard they try.

Thank you for your listening when most turned a deaf ear.
Thank you for understanding even though I wasn't clear.
Thank you for forgiving me when I messed up royally
And for giving me more chances to prove I could better be.

Thank you for your help when I find myself in need
And doing so with gladness so I don't have to plead.
Thank you for showing me giving is receiving,
And the good feeling of, is proof for believing."

For all those in my life I've encountered along the way,
Thanks because you've all had a hand in who I am today.
Those who've been a negative, the positives have trumped,
Proof positive negatives must therefore be dumped.

Gratefulness comes easily for all that makes us glad,
But Grateful we must be too for the times that are bad.
There are always silver linings and lessons to be learned,
Making gratefulness applicable also when we're burned. 

I am Grateful for a lot, oh, so many things,
For the good and the bad life to me brings.
For the bad helps me to see so it's clearly understood,
My integrity's reinforced only when I'm pursuing good.

So, when I count my blessings and also give thanks for
The unpleasantries in my life I have had to endure,
I do so because the lessons learned during my toughest times
Provide knowledge to share to help others with/in my rhymes.

It's my hope, by sharing what I've learned others can benefit
And know when life gets one down, the option's not to quit,
But to seek and find the silver lining and be thankful for
And know better days are coming behind a waiting door.

💗 Have a Blessed Thanksgiving Day! 💗
Art/Poem by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly 
©2016-11-16 11:28:00 (EST)
All rights reserved.
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"When we're grateful for what we have and all the ways we're blessed,
We gift ourselves with peacefulness where our weary heart can rest."
~ Quotes by Artsieladie
Art by Artsieladie


Greetings everyone!

"It's easy to hate those who give us grief,
Allow hate to steal from us, like a thief,
Our peace and joy Love doth bring
To our hearts to in harmony sing."
~ Artsieladie Quote 

Art by Artsieladie
Full Size PNG:

So, what's today? It's month eleven, 
The year two thousand and ten plus seven
And the day, well, it's twenty-two;
I've not forgotten the day or who.

How can a person so brilliant of mind
Be fooled by their ego and act unkind;
Cause resentment and hatred for what you do?
Yet, in my heart still I do NOT hate YOU.

I can only hope one day you'll see
There's beauty in you that eludes not me.
Although your thorns cut deep and tear,
Inside your heart, there's a rose in there.

It's where the real is in you and all the good,
But your ego's pride keeps this misunderstood.
Your self confidence has been sadly replaced
With arrogance, leaving humility all erased.

I cannot understand nor can I see,
Why, in the shadows, you keep on stalking me.
I am nothing special, just a rather plain Jane,
A too boring subject to intrigue your brain.

I write a lot about character in my words of rhyme,
And poetry's not your thing, a waste of your time?
I believe in God; Who I am Gifted by.
You believe not; His existence you deny.

Your best friend online, or so you did claim,
Said we'd never go well together to share a common aim.
You've banned and you've blocked me, yet you like to peek;
You listen to my conversations, yet to me you will not speak.

You like to call me a crazy liar and say I am paranoid,
Yet, when I ask you questions with data, answering, you avoid.
Instead, you become belligerent and cruelly accusatory;
Threaten me to shut me up should I tell the true story.

A close male friend of mine you resent and despise.
You sent him an email to lessen me in his eyes.
I guess you thought you could drive a wedge
Between us and in your favour, you'd have an edge.

But why an edge would you want, I ask;
Why concern yourself with such a task?
You've claimed straight out, emphatically,
You have no interest in this person, me.

His words of affection for me you cannot stand
When said in my guestbook, then me, you banned
With a slanderous banner to levy on me, the blame;
To punish me royally, to ruin, destroy my name.

Then because I said you can't control who's in my life,
You decided to cause me some more stress and strife
By destroying my computer, it's central brain.
God only knows what you thought you would gain.

When you were accused, your words I defended,
Knowing your accuser would be greatly offended
And would then turn their attack on me directly,
Because your words I understood them correctly.

When your online best friend shot you down,
Behind your back hoping upon you, I would frown,
Though you caught her red handed, gave her payback,
Against me you stood for her stabbing your back.

I've seen your ugly; I've seen your worst,
Because you insist on placing it first.
Most would quickly and simply assume
That for good within, you have no room.

But I'm one of the few who'll dare to scale
A wall so high and thick where thorns prevail.
Most are discouraged at the dragon's gate,
An adventure too risky to investigate.

I've felt the burn of your venomous bite
For showing respect, treating you right.
I've felt the sting of your words so curt;
My reward for giving to you was only hurt.

I have plenty of reasons to for you feel hate,
But hatred isn't a trait I'll feed into or bait.
There's way too much hatred in this world we live.
So, if from me, it's hatred you want, I cannot give.

Instead, for you I'll hope and I'll pray
That the better in you shall win one day;
That some day your knowledge you'll use for good
And perhaps, remember that I knew you could.

Though only glimpses I've been able to see,
Through brambles and thorns to discourage me,
I know inside you, there's so much more
Worthy of beckoning for one to explore.

It's really so sad and pathetic to see
Someone waste their talent to lesser be,
While inside hidden is potential so great,
But trapped untapped in a dormant state.

It's so easy to forget how we commit treason
Against Love when there's plenty to give us reason
To be resentful and bitter and so unforgiving,
Yet, the Elements of Love bring us peaceful living.

Perhaps, one day in the mirror you will see
The best still within you and you'll set it free.
Then you'll no longer need to your true self, conceal;
Knowing true value in yourself is priceless to feel.

But today's your day to commemorate,
Your birth and with joy, celebrate.
In spite of yourself I do wish for you
All the best and in the coming year, through.

💗 Have a Blessed Day! 💗
Art/Poem by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly 
©2017-11-22 07:47:00 (EST) 
All rights reserved.
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"When we accept and choose to be unforgiving,
We steal from ourselves the chance for peaceful living."
~ Quotes by Artsieladie
Art by Artsieladie

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Greetings everyone!

I'm late with posting this but I have other, more pressing priorities. While creating this piece, I began believing I wouldn't ever get it finished because I kept thinking of more elements to add. The title I decided to go with does give new meaning to the term, 'skeleton crew', though. 

"Skeleton Crew"
Halloween art by Artsieladie
Full Size PNG:

"Fright Night"
- with artwork, "Skeleton Crew"

At last the night is here,
The night of fright and fear;
The night of Halloween,
A ghastly, ghostly scene.

As witches make their brew,
Calling on the Skeleton Crew
To, from their slumber, rise
And meet without disguise.

The moon is full and bright
To make luminous the night,
As amber flames flicker in each lit Jack
And lick the brewing pot, burning it black.

With winter's breath coming, near,
On October's night, the last this year,
The chill to the bones, not in the least,
Matters to those who have deceased.

As spirits awaken, rattling their bones,
With a chorus of their moans and groans,
Rustling Autumn leaves blanketing the ground,
A symphony commences of an eerie sound.

Distant werewolves with blood curdling howling,
Are now on the hunt, have begun their prowling.
The owls are hooting, "Who-who-who who-whooooo,
Who dares to venture out this night through?"

As the graveyard comes alive with the walking dead,
Who've been sleeping restlessly in their earthly bed,
Waiting for the celebration, an annual eventful night,
When spirits mingle, old and new, a welcomed sight.

There are stories to be told, legends to be read,
Like Sleepy Hollow, the horseman with no head.
There's news of the living that must be spread,
Like who among the living is about to join the dead?

Ah, it is a Fright Night, one that spooks the mind;
One that's to the living, an event often quite unkind.
But to the spirit world, it's a night looked forward to,
The annual congregation of the Skeleton Crew.

💗 Have a Blessed Day! 💗
Art/Poem by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly 
All rights reserved.
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"We all have demons we must address,
To be better more instead of better less."
~ Quotes by Artsieladie
Art by Artsieladie