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Saturday, March 24, 2018


Greetings everyone!

We think of Spring and all the wonders of,
God's Masterpiece of Life with His profound Love.
What else could be greater than what Spring displays
That could humble us more, give God all the praise?
God so Loves us all He gave His only Begotten Son
For our lives to be Eternal, each and every one!

We think we know so much about Love and sacrifice; 
About the meaning of forgiveness and of life, the price,
But in reality we know nothing and realise even less
The magnitude of God's Greatness, only He does possess.

By Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly 

Spring (Pexels image) words by Artsieladie
(This image is here until I finish the piece I'm working on to go with the poem.)
Full Size PNG:

Spring has come; Spring is here,
‘Tis the season, the time of year,
When all across the northern Earth
There’s life renewed, as well new birth.
No season can compare nor can one bring
The splendor of life, like the time of Spring.

Though winter tries to hang around
To keep so cold the frozen ground
For its crystal art and flakes of white,
To be preserved, its wondrous sight,
Spring has sprung in sheer defiance,
Since with life, Spring has alliance.

Mother Nature has rested long,
Quiet’s been the robin’s song
During winter’s hush of crystal down
Draped over life’s dormant brown.
But with nature’s stirring, waking yawning,
Winter fades into Spring’s new dawning.

The Earth is changing, slowly warming,
Like a metamorphosis transforming,
As earth’s frozen cocoon melts away,
For Spring to colour the winter's grey;
Like a canvas just brown and white
In transformation to colours bright.

A brand new world is upon the scene,
Winter’s whitewash now budding green,
As Spring unfolds, the curtain draws
On a frozen wonder as winter thaws
Under the sun's rays. shining stronger
Through daylight hours lingering longer.

Melted, crystal clouds spill their overflow
Onto the waiting, waking Earth just below,
Creating an atmosphere of enchanted mist
That when the sun's warmer rays've kissed,
Spectrums of colours over the Earth, high,
Arc as rainbows in splendor across the sky.

Spring's cleansing rains prepare expecting Earth,
Making it fresh and clean for all coming new birth.
With the dormant stage of winter lost to the past,
A new stage of life's arrived for many months to last.
Everywhere, life is springing up around,
Evolving is a new wonder, one so profound.

The meadows turn a plush and velvet green,
With rainbow dipped flowers added to the scene,
Drawing in the busy bees, offering nectar, sweet,
To make their honey from, for their young to eat.
The forest is a bustling with creatures on its floor
To welcome family newborns, in preparation for.

High among the trees, many birds by the pair
Are building nests anew as their songs fill the air.
All the sleeping trees have awakened too;
Are busy growing foliage, all fresh and new
And the little seedlings all want to try,
Like their parent trees, to reach and touch the sky.

Winter is a wonderland in its own right
With nature in its slumber all dressed in white,
But the wonderland of Spring is one profound,
As nature is awakened with new life all around.
Spring exhibits the greatest show on Earth,
The true essence of life, the miracle of birth.

Thee Master of Creation with His Master Hand,
With His Touch Divine, all across the land;
Thee Master Artist with His Magic Strokes,
With His rainbow palette, new life He invokes
Through His Breath of Life and by His Divine Love
Paints earth in 'living' colour, there is no equal of.

But Spring in all its splendor with miracles abounding,
God's Masterpiece of Life, immeasurably astounding,
Can't compare to God's Love, the Sacrifice He made,
Offered for us His only Son to suffer and be slayed
For our souls to be cleansed of sin by the Blood of His Son,
That we would have Eternal Life, each and every one.

💗 Have a Blessed Day! 💗
Poem by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly 
©2017-04-19 12:50:00 (EST)
All rights reserved.
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Additional Credits:
Image used is from Pexels.

"Spring exhibits the greatest show on Earth,
The true essence of life, the miracle of birth."
~ Quotes by Artsieladie
Art by Artsieladie