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Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie!

I believe everyone has within that grows,
Love in the form of a gorgeous rose.
But some keep it buried under mountains of debris,
Kept in total darkness, their rose, no one can ever see.

~ Artsieladie Quote

Sometimes the prettiest rose can be found among the thorns,
Behind the hurt and pain in the heart the rose adorns.

~ Artsieladie Quote
"The Rose Amidst The Thorns"

Full Size PNG:

1) As my way is made among the thorns,
An inner beauty a rose adorns.
A darkness present, tries to hide,
Still, the rose blooms bright inside.

The thicket of thorns, of brambles too,
Meant to discourage my getting through
To reach the rose, the sweetness of,
To taste, to touch, to feel its Love.

There's ice that's formed in places thick,
Yet, cause me not to make judgment quick.
For a rose to grow needs warmth and care,
So more than cold is dwelling there.

The blooming rose, its beauty showing,
Incites my senses, reminds my knowing,
Not easily held are treasures true,
Obstacles mount with search in lieu.

My intuition that lead me here
Detects not even an ounce of fear.
My curious nature now in command,
Right in sync with my heart's demand.

Inside my being there's building suspense,
Desire swelling, growing more intense.
As now the fragrance of the luring rose,
Perfumes the air, captures my nose.

Groping blindly through the dark,
While prickly thorns leave their mark.
The chilling cold, icicle forms,
Frozen remnants of painful storms.



2) The terrain is rough, ever daunting,
But abortive thoughts aren't haunting,
My curious nature, my intuitive heart,
Pushes me onward away from the start.

Until at last I'm bramble free,
A blessed warmth spreads over me.
The ice once thick is now all unfroze,
And I'm in the presence of a gorgeous rose!

As I stand in awe at this sight profound,
I know I'm standing on precious ground,
For the gorgeous rose glowing before my eyes,
Grows from the heart of the soul it beautifies.

I longed to touch but I refrained,
Such beauty before me mustn't be waned.
Should I touch, would it disappear?
Just the thought brought me fear.

My being possessed with adulation,
My heart touched, full transformation,
For suddenly I felt consumed by Love
And all its magic, made hence, thereof.

All pain forgotten through my pursuit,
As I savour this delicious fruit.
For there is no greater than Love to reap
And nothing more worthy than Love to keep.

My way I made among the thorns,
I found the heart the rose adorns;
A journey again I'd gladly take,
Because and for the precious sake...
Of Love.
3) And now...
Through all the pain and all the grief,
I still can find such great relief,
For inside I see yet a gorgeous rose,
Still so beautiful and still it glows.
And yes, I feel and know it's true,
The beauty that beats inside of you!

"Unhidden Rose"

Full size PNG:

1) Why is it do you suppose
I will search for one's rose;
Brave the brambles and the thorns
To seek the rose one's heart, adorns?
There was a time when too
My rose was deeply hidden.
Anyone who dared to enter
Was harshly so, forbidden.
Then one day a BRAVE soul
Dared to take a chance,
Determined as they were,
Stood firm in their stance...



2) ...The bravest of souls I must say
To take on such a feat,
But through the thicket dense,
They denied defeat.
When at last they reached
My guarded, precious rose,
The rest is history now,
No more hidden as it glows.
But should my rose be harmed,
Cause my heart to pain,
Beware of serious damage,
The brambles still remain!

Poems/Added rose/Quotes by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly 
Poem (main-#1): ©2014-02-04 09:07:00 (EST)
Poem (inlay-#2): ©2015-08-25 03:52:00 (EST)
Images: ©2015-08-25 All rights reserved.
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Additional Credits:
Original background image: Author - TanteTati
Url: http://pixabay.com/en/photos/download/rose-532458.jpg

"Some people hide their rose to protect their heart,
Especially if they've had before, their heart torn apart."
~ Quotes by Artsieladie
Art by Artsieladie

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie!

We humans are with our hearts, the chosen Candle Holders.
Whether our Candle's Flame burns brightly or if it smolders,
Is within our own control since God gave us all free will
To choose the Light of Love or its opposite to fulfill.

~ Artsieladie

"Candle Of Love"
Art/poem by Artsieladie

Full Size PNG:

When we burn the Candle Of Love,
The Flame of Love then grows,
As within our hearts, the Light of
With brilliance brightly glows.

The Flame of Love thrives on
The aromas born of Love in whole
And once our heart's Candle is lit,
Likewise shines our mind and soul.

If we fan our Flame with
Love’s aromas, sweet,
No amount of darkness
Can ever our Light defeat.

Kindness and Compassion,
Honesty and Forgiveness,
Humility in abundance,
Exhibit aroma richness.

A Candle Of Love will not melt,
Instead shall grow in size,
As the Flame of Love burns
Brighter and so, intensifies.

Normally with other candles,
That burn out unable to rekindle,
The Candle Of Love is lasting
Not ever meant to dwindle.

As long as there is Magic, Love,
Kept mixed in our Candle’s Wax,
The Flame will burn always,
Bright and steady without lax.

The more we burn our Candle,
The more we fan our Flame,
The more brilliant is our Light,
To shine for Love, proclaim.

The more we burn our Candle
The more intense is our Flame,
To more Candles of Love incite
To ignite and burn the same.

So keep your wick aflame,
With your Candle waxed in Love
And keep your Flame fanned
With the sweet aromas of.

There is inside everyone
Of Love, a Candlestick,
But the Candle Of Love won't burn,
If we fail to light the wick!

Art/Poem by Artsieladie / Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly 
 Poem: ©2015-07-17 01:07:00 (EST)
Art: ©2015-08-11 12:18:00 (EST)
All rights reserved.
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Additional Credits - Original Background:
Url: http://pixabay.com/en/photos/download/kristal-439296.jpg

"Keep your Candle lit, shining luminous and bright,
For darkness cannot linger in Love's Precious Light!"
~ Quotes by Artsieladie
Art by Artsieladie

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie!

"Whether or not Love commenced transforms into true,
All depends upon how much is invested by the hearts of two."

~ Artsieladie Quote
"True Love Journey"

Full Size PNG:

"It's easy to Love the good in one and the joy to us they bring. 
During the blissful times when with joy our hearts will sing.
But when one hurts the other, causing grief and dismay,
And still the Love remains through it and in spite of anyway,
This is the Love we long for, true, surreal, and sublime,
The True Love that endures all, withstands the test of time."

But few reach this level of True Love most have in their quest,
Because so few are truly willing to of all themselves invest.
Partial effort or a part of themselves is not what is enough,
For whatever is needed must be given to and for True Love.

With all the Elements of Love, there can no shortage be,
Like Trust, Forgiveness, Compassion dressed in Humility.
In True Love there is no place for egos and their pride,
Because egos breed the negatives, inviting a divide.

Love is being kind, affectionate, about the other caring more
Than for thyself and True Love keeps no record or no score.
True Love is a journey that two souls travel on together,
Where two hearts remain connected through all kinds of weather.

Both hearts must care equally and Love each other with respect,
Domination, possessiveness, and jealousy, all these reject.
Neither heart is more important for both compliment the whole,
Both hearts are invaluable in body, mind, and soul.

True Love begins with Love, a spark of igniting the fire,
But only Love that grows and deepens won’t ever then expire,
Transforming into True Love few couples find obtainable,
For although Love’s present, the Love’s so often unsustainable.

When some Elements of Love are missing or in short supply
And/or Love’s opposites are allowed to invade and amplify,
The all that most expect and if not willing to give the same,
Most then come up short without True Love as theirs to claim.

The True Love Journey, an elusive journey, most all hope to find,
But few are willing to truly invest all, their heart, soul, and mind.
For this reason few find True Love after Love’s initial spark,
Because the Flame of Love burns out before they can upon, embark.

Image design/Poem by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly 
©2015-07-14 08:22:00 (EST) All rights reserved.
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Additional Credits:
Original image for background: Author - ArmyGma

"A spark can ignite the Flame of Love potentially to be sublime,
But Love can only become True Love by enduring the test of time.
~ Quotes by Artsieladie
Art by Artsieladie

Saturday, June 20, 2015


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie!

Walking on the Path of Right, the Path Of Light, does not mean that one who chooses to is not faced with challenges and temptations nor that one is or becomes exempt from making mistakes. We all make mistakes because it is more so through our mistakes in life that we learn, grow in character, with the hopes and intent at becoming better individuals as we do. Therefore, we are all really, "works in progress", with hopefully, the emphasis on 'progress'. Otherwise, we would be regressive works instead of progressive. ♥ 
"Path Of Light"

Poem by Artsieladie

Full Size PNG:

For those of us who choose
To walk on the Path Of Light,
It isn't always easy but
It is the path that's right.
It's not that we aren't tempted
Each and every day,
Because we are daily
Goaded to go astray.
With each new day, there are
New challenges to meet,
Waiting to bring us down,
Our courage to defeat.
So yes, we may falter,
Misstep some here and there,
But with the Light within us...
Strong, a compelling glare,
We cannot wander far,
From our shining star
Nor can we stray,
Nor get lost from the ray,
As long as we nurture
That which fuels our own Light
And this is Love Divine
That keeps it burning bright.
The Path Of Light
Shines bright
Because of
Divine Love.

Poem by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly 
©2014-09-05 10:32:00 (EST) 
All rights reserved.
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 Inspirational credit:
Mohammad Zafarullah Khan Marwat

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Additional Credits:
Original photo credit ~ Author: Siggy Nowak
Url: http://pixabay.com/get/6bc4351623e61d36da6c/1396406066/trees-272591.jpg

"The Path of Light has twists and turns just as others do,
But the results differ depending on how we make it through."
~ Quotes by Artsieladie
Art by Artsieladie

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie!

Compassion, an Element of Love, is indeed an Element this world's in desperate need of. ♥ 


Art/poem by Artsieladie

Full Size PNG:

Laugh and smile and the world will join you.
Cry and lament and the world will abandon you.
Drama is always drama when it's someone else's pain,
It only becomes real when it hits the home domain.

If we took just a little time to look just a little deeper,
Instead of passing judgment to appease our apathetic creature,
We might be able to help avert another's inner pain,
Bring them some sunshine through their pouring rain.

This is called Compassion, the world's in short supply
And instead of helping others, we simply pass them by,
Or we criticise and condemn, adding to their grief,
Instead of listening with intent to bring them some relief.

We must try not to be too busy for someone in need,
Never too preoccupied to hear another's plead.
Another's pain can be masked, hidden by disguise,
Concealed in their heart, behind 'happy' eyes;
Or their pain can be shown in ways we will reject,
Often and in ways obscured we will not expect.

Many times a person suffering from too great a pain
Will attempt to test the waters, trying to ascertain,
To see who'll care enough about what they're going through,
Genuinely concerned when they ask, "What can I do?"
Many put up walls to see who'll care enough
To climb over them just to call their bluff.

Sharing one's pain can be more painful to disclose,
Because of others' judgment, condemnation they impose.
There is no greater pain than the pain within.
Those without fault have forgotten their own sin.

When a person finds the courage to from others' help seek,
We must not criticise, make fun, or call them weak.
Instead, we must show Compassion, try to understand,
The courage it has taken them to seek a helping hand.

We may or may not be able to help them or assist,
But this doesn't mean that their pain does not exist.
That all too familiar, "There's nothing I can do",
Excusing one from caring, a convenient exit cue,
Is too often put in motion just to circumvent
One's lack of empathy of callous heart intent.

When others cry for help, express their own despair,
Often all they need is to know that others care.
A little validation of what they're going through,
Can make a world of difference, another's strength, renew.
But when with callous heart, a troubled soul's dismissed,
It may be the final straw and of death, the catalyst.

Oh, this world would be a much better place,
If we took a little time to see the heart behind the face,
A heart that may be suffering but too afraid to tell,
A heart that may be drowning in a painful swell.

Take a little time to listen to a heart caught in despair,
For you may need the same one day, someone that will care.

Design/Poem by Artsieladie / Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly   
Design/Poem: ©2014-08-13 08:00:00 (EST)
Rooster Art: ©1995 All rights reserved.
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Additional Credits:
Images added from “Rocky Rooster” Colouring Book, 
written and illustrated by Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly ©1995

Background photo courtesy: Photo Author ~ Archbob
Photo Link: http://pixabay.com/go/?t=/en/photos/download/sunset-369176.jpg

"When we bring joy to the hearts of others, we bring joy to our own,
Doubling our investment with interest, profitable is the loan
~ Quotes by Artsieladie
Art by Artsieladie

Sunday, June 7, 2015


Hello all, from Artsieladie!

There are just some wounds from life that never completely go away even when the cause of the wound(s) is done with. Since we can't rid ourselves entirely of them, we have to find a way to live with them, accept the fact they are a part of who we are. We must incorporate them into our being without wreaking havoc with our emotions, without giving us more pain and inflicting pain on others attempting to rid ourselves of these wounds and the pain thereof. How well we succeed depends on our approach, our attitude. Negative begets negative. Hatred and bitterness begets more of the same and perpetuates resentment, denies forgiveness to be possible, and keeps the wounds fresh and on the surface.

Everything we endure in life has a silver lining, although there are some things that seem like they do not have and the proverbial silver lining is very difficult to identify. But keep searching for that silver lining and when you find it, your attitude will become more positive and positive begets more positive. Enabling the inversion process, finding positive in negative, empowers us because we won't then feel we've been put through whatever it may be for nothing. Once we have uncovered the positive, we can then build on and give power to the positive instead of continually allowing the negative to be in control of us. 

We have no dominion over others, their actions/behaviours and their choices, only over ourselves. We are the captain of our ship. We either aspire to sail among happier, more placid waters or we settle for remaining in the rougher seas. We must aspire for the fore, for the breaks, where we can recoup our strength, courage, and sustainability because there will be more rough seas to come. This is inevitable in life. If we don't have these breaks, we will become more and more susceptible to being and feeling negative, inviting within us a state of hopelessness and a destruction of our self worth, our own value as a human being.

Hence, my quote:

“When we understand there's a purpose for our misfortunes and learn to use them to help others, to understand, to have compassion and empathy for others, especially in their time of need, we then empower ourselves to invert our misfortunes into blessings of unspeakable value, affording us the ability to negate the negative energy and darkness and transform it into positive energy and light.”
~ Artsieladie Quote. 

Quote by Artsieladie

Art by Artsieladie

When Wounds are deep, too deep to heal,
Of memories engraved, no time can steal.
Hearts are tender, easily scarred
Will often be for always marred.

When Wounds are deep, too deep to heal,
There's endless bleeding and pain to feel.
The heart will try to offset, rebound,
Strengthen itself to work around.

When Wounds are deep, too deep to mend,
Remaining parts must rely, upon depend
Where from and of a strengthened state
Is obtained, either by Love or by hate.

When Wounds are deep beyond repair
How they're handled will then declare,
Whether the heart will rise in Light above
Or succumb to darkness, refusing Love.

When Wounds are deep, too deep to heal,
We try to numb them, pretend unreal,
But avoidance reaps more pain to face,
For seclusion of, breeds self disgrace.

When Wounds are deep, too deep to remove,
We must invert them to ourselves improve,
Use them as lessons, remind us to care,
That others too have Wounds to bear.

When Wounds are deep, too deep to erase,
We must accept them, face with grace.
When the pain of Wounds renders us sobbing,
Seek then more Love to ease the throbbing.

When Wounds run deep, too deep to negate,
Often we're tempted to, in the bitters of hate,
Bury them deeper out of mind and sight,
Denying their existence to us seems right.

When Wounds are deep, too deep to heal,
Only Love can soothe, make us better feel.
Though Love won't wipe all of our pain away,
Love provides us strength with courage to stay.

So, when Wounds cut deep with pain surreal,
If we call on Love to intervene, help us deal
With the bitter woes, pain of, life will give,
Wounds won't steal from us our joy to live.

"When Wounds come deep, too deep to abolish,
Let Love show how they can, our character polish."
As long as our hearts are kept open, receptive,
Love will reign within with its Light reflective.

Poem by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly 
©2015-06-06 12:51:00 (EST)
All rights reserved.
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Art by Artsieladie
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"When Wounds come deep, too deep to abolish,
Let Love show how they can, our character polish
~ Quotes by Artsieladie
Art by Artsieladie

Thursday, June 4, 2015


Hello all, from Artsieladie!

This is a collaboration piece of art and poetry +Hans Galversson and I created together, a romantic piece depicting two people vowing their Love for each other. ♥ 

"The Dream Of My Life"
Art/poem by Artsieladie/Sir Hans
Full Size PNG:

The Dream Of My Life... Has just come true,
For The Dream Of My Life...Is marrying you!

From the lady...
To cherish and love... 
To have and to hold... 
From this day forward... 
As we grow old.

I’m so richly blessed,
My life’s become whole,
For sharing it with you,
The mate of my soul.
Before you, my dear,
I was broken and beat,
You wrapped me in love,
Now healed and complete.

You rescued my heart
My gallant knight
From a heartless king
And his wicked plight.

My heart that was torn
In shreds so tattered,
Bruised and abused
Viciously battered,
Ever so gently
With patience so rare,
You pieced it together,
Tenderly with care.

So, to my heart,
The key I give
To my castle as well
With my king I’ll live.

My husband, my lover,
My very best friend,
My love is forever,
Of time, ‘til the end.

From the gentleman...
For richer or for poorer...
I’ll remain by your side...
In sickness or in health...
With you, I’ll reside.

My life is now richer,
Poor it cannot be,
Unless my dear love,
You’re not with me.
For without you, my love,
I’m a half, barely so,
But with you, I’m whole,
My heart is aglow.

I’m infected with love,
An incurable bug
It can only be treated
With your each tender hug.

With daily doses of kisses
From your sweet lips of wine,
And romantic encounters
On, our loving to dine,
Are all that I need
To keep my infliction at bay
And your presence must linger
Onward, day after day.

My overall health,
My happiness, too,
My richness of spirit,
Depends upon you.

My woman, my lady,
My friend, my wife,
My love is forever,
For the rest of my life.

...Lady and Gentleman together...
Yes, The Dream Of Our Lives
Has at last come true,
For The Dream Of Our Lives
We now share, me and you!

Art by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly  
Poem by Hans Galversson and Sharon Donnelly
 ©2012-08-28 All rights reserved.
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Website: www.artsieladie.com
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"For Love to thrive, it takes two,
Both invested to make it True."
~ Quotes by Artsieladie
Art by Artsieladie

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Hello all, from Artsieladie!

I made this greeting but I wasn't sure whether to post it or not but then I thought sending caring thoughts can never be wrong. Yes, I remembered... Happy Birthday! ♥ 

 "Birthday Wishes 2015-06-03"
Art/design/greeting by Artsieladie

Full Size PNG:

May God’s Light always Light your way.
May The Lord Bless you on this day
And may He Guide you always and ever
In the here and now and with Him Forever.

May the Blessings of our Lord shower upon you bountifully always.

Greeting/Poem by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly 
©2015-06-03 All rights reserved.
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Website: www.artsieladie.com
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Blog: http://artsieladie-rhymetyme.blogspot.com/ 
Additional Credits:
Doves: Pewter7
Url: http://pewter7.blogspot.com
Background image from Pixabay
Author: tpsdave
Urls: http://pixabay.com/get/e2b8382d8cc2af7a8604/1433363078/pakistan-90583_1920.jpg

"When we walk with our Lord in His Light,
We can't get lost from His Path of Right."
~ Quotes by Artsieladie
Art by Artsieladie

Thursday, May 28, 2015


Hello all, from Artsieladie!

"Drama is 'just drama' when it's someone else's pain. 
It's not a real crisis, until it strikes one's home domain."
~ Artsieladie Quote

So often I hear/see the word "Drama" conveniently used for the purpose of dismissing what another is struggling with, enduring in their life. Granted there are people who seem to thrive on creating drama but when someone has a REAL problem or problems they are trying to deal with, it is very cruel and callous of those who label such as 'drama'. When there is involved a situation where another or others are causing a person harm and distress and then some like to label what they're going through and trying to deal with as 'drama', such people are cruel, callous, and heartless because instead of helping the victim, they "choose" to help and enable the perpetrator's agenda, victimising the victim even more. What kind of people are they? How can some people be so cruel and heartless?

As with so many of my poems and my writings, I speak from experience and I do so in the hopes I can reach and help others, either to help them to be spared of the same or similar or to those who have also, help them to realise they are not alone in their less than pleasant experiences in life.

I learned first hand on a website I was very active on and devoted to just how cruel and heartless some people can be and how much sheer pleasure some get from adding to a victim's plight. Instead of helping me, they (some of the site staff particularly) did everything they possibly could to make my situation even worse. I was bullied, insulted, ostracised, called all sorts of names (including a 'drama queen'), etc., etc. when I tried desperately to get help with the owner/programmer of the site invading my privacy by hacking into my computers and gaining access to my telephone conversations (eavesdropping) and not only did he do this (and still is 8+ years now) but he shared what he learned through invading my privacy with staff members running the site, one of which publicly verified. 

This was verified when topics of conversations I had ONLY on my phone, for i.e., surfaced on and were ridiculed ON THE WEBSITE. ..And no, not just once for once one could say it was just a coincidence, but this happened a number of times, in fact MANY. When I suspected what was happening, I deliberately baited and set the trap with the 'seed stories' and I repeatedly kept catching the very same rat! I learned very well how to set up very productive sting operations. ..And then I made sure I saved and documented it all for which I was then called a crazy, lying, paranoid lunatic by staff members for saving and documenting data/evidence supporting and proving my subjugation.

I realised they were just trying to discourage me from collecting the incriminating data because without it, they figured none of my claims would hold any water then and I wouldn't then have a leg to stand on. But they underestimated "my" intelligence. I know that when people deliberately try to steer you away from something, especially verifying data to implicate them and/or another they're protecting, they will deliberately try whatever they can to discourage you from investigating any further and they surely don't want a person who can expose them to have incriminating data against them or someone they're protecting. Therefore, by trying to discourage me, they inadvertently let me know that I was on the right track. So much for 'their' intelligence.

I deliberately planted "seed stories" just to see what and where from the conversations of would appear directly correlating with a specific topic of conversation I had had only on my phone. (I specify ONLY on my phone so I would know EXACTLY which device of mine's privacy and security was being compromised.) When a former vice mayor said 'publicly' the owner had shared with her information and particularly the information she referred to could only have been from invading my privacy, she verified in spades what all he is doing, and then besides the other I mentioned here beforehand as well for additional supporting data.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that when you only discuss a topic on your phone and then that very same topic becomes the topic of conversation right afterward on a website that you have GBs of data also pointing directly to the owner of the site invading your privacy (hacking your computers and eavesdropping on your phone), just WHO the stalker/hacker/privacy invader is becomes crystal clear.

It's not an easy task to pinpoint who the perpetrator is. You have to collect data continually and then review and look for repeated "behaviour patterns" and keep narrowing the information down until you find the common denominator. Through this process just one, the common denominator, will continuously be revealed and when you have umpteen instances all pointing to one individual, the data collected cannot be wrong.

For all those reading this and who are unsuspecting or in the dark... A person who is a computer programmer with a masters in computer science or the equivalent of AND who owns and operates a server, BE WARNED!!! Such an individual is privileged with LOTS of data about you, your device (ID), your location (IP address), the browser you're using, etc. and with cookies enabled they can track and monitor all of your online activity and this I mention for starters only. If there's any doubt, I suggest googling and researching just what such a person can do and have/gain access to of yours and about you. I would like to think that most programmers and server operators have ethics and value the right to privacy but this one doesn't. ..And for the record, the website is: www.elftown.com

Because I REFUSE to let him get away with invading my privacy, he is slandering my name all over the Internet accusing me of being a liar, I make up conspiracy theories, etc. and he has stolen my THOUSANDS of pieces of written and art works because he's denying me access to them and he's violating my copyright by doing so and by allowing others to use my work WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.

He has threatened me with, that if I didn't stop telling what I know about and have on him, he would ban me from the site (which he did) and he would throw me off the Internet. I guess he must be pretty disappointed with me then, eh? If he thinks I'm EVER going to stop telling the world about his unsavory, unethical, immoral practices through tech devices, he better guess again. I am NOT an enabler. When I know someone is doing something wrong that they shouldn't be doing, especially causing harm to someone or someones, I am going to say so. If he doesn't like it, then maybe he should have thought about what he's doing before he did so and maybe he should consider stop doing it? ..And it's highly unlikely I am his only victim. Seldom do these types focus on just one. Usually there are several or many and so, another reason I should not remain silent about this. But I do have hope still that sooner or later the right person will come along and put a stop to this once and for all. His Waterloo is coming!

..And to the person who told me I should cease and desist, do the world a favour and rid myself from it? I see you stopped by my blog here. Are you sorry to see I'm still alive and kicking? Awww! If so, I'm delighted that I have disappointed you then! Oh, and how's the business of trolling going for you, consisting of your bullying, bashing, ostracising, insulting, harassment, etc. practices? ..And aren't you so proud of yourself for supporting and backing up an online predator? Your set of values do leave a whole lot to be desired! How many other victims are you enjoying victimising even more? Wow! Hope you have added all these "unique talents" of yours to your resumé and of course, at the very top because they are indeed talents to be proud of! *said with sarcasm* ..if it's not obvious enough. Drop by anytime and may God always bless you.

Anyway, now on with my posting of "Drama". But please everyone reading, please be careful online, with your private info, etc. and just because something may seem impossible or unlikely to happen, it doesn't mean it can't happen. I didn't think what I'm being subjected to was possible either until I was forced to face it and being forced to have to deal with this as I am. Unfortunately, I had to learn this the hard way and I'm still paying the price because he won't leave me alone.

UPDATE - 2017-07-24: Immediately following a conversation on October 4, 2015, I had with a friend, that was supposed to be "private", in which I said to my friend that no matter what the hacker/stalker did with his invasion of my privacy, my life, he can't control my thoughts or feelings/emotions and he certainly can't keep my buddy, +Hans Galversson and I apart, my computer's harddrive was destroyed. It was a pure revenge tactic against me for saying what I said to my friend in what was supposed to be a "private conversation". ..And it certainly fits his "pattern of behaviour" which I have very well documented. Besides, I still have the message he sent to me, threatening to throw me off the Internet if I continued to speak out against what I am and have been subjected to. Considering I wasn't able to get back online in a working capacity for a year and a half, I guess he succeeded for awhile with "throwing me off the Internet", didn't he?

He caused $3000.00 in damages between the cost of fixing my computer and for the retrieval of data (my art and poetry). I was always vigilant with saving all the data I've documented and saved against him, but not with my creative works, but now I certainly am! ..And my computer no longer goes online for obvious reasons. ..And he is STILL stalking me (10.5 years and counting) because he has to make sure "I" know he is, but this is how stalkers operate. They want their victim to know but not anyone else so they can accuse their victim of lying, being crazy and paranoid and get away with it, since others can't see/witness what their victims are being subjected to. Should a victim expose them and their crimes, the stalker then seeks revenge against that victim.

When I think about all I did for him and his websites, a MEGA measure, and THIS is how much he appreciated it; THIS is the thanks I've been given in return, it would make me sick, except it speaks volumes about the type of person he is and one to be pitied for sure. I can't hate him. I can only feel sorry for him that he has to resort to such lowly measures because apparently, he hasn't the capacity or ability to pursue a better path of life for himself that's honourable and with integrity. ..And anyone who supports and enables such an individual, fits the same persona.

Poem by Artsieladie
Full Size PNG:

Drama is a word way too often used
For one's apathy to be subtly excused.
Granted there are some who dramatise a lot
To seek attention, make sure they aren't forgot.

Maybe they have been forgotten or treated like a fifth wheel.
Maybe they complain to avoid pain they’re trying not to feel.
The point is, we don't know what we cannot feel or see
And so we should remember this and tread more carefully.

There are many struggling within themselves painfully for real,
And when others display callously they do not care or feel
About what those who are suffering with and are going through,
It's discouraging to those suffering and much harder to undo.

When people don't care until a crisis hits their own home domain,
But expect others to care when it does, is so shallow and so vain.
When people show some caring, it helps to limit one's duress,
Can lift one from depression and a state of hopelessness.

All too often the pain unseen is dismissed, shoved aside,
But there's no greater pain than the pain hidden deep inside.
Just because someone's pain is obscured from plain sight,
It doesn't mean they are not battling with a painful plight.

Pain within unaddressed without an outlet or escape
Dooms the host of the pain into a dire, bitter shape.
For when pain is trapped within, it becomes a costly toll,
With no way of escaping, can destroy one's heart and soul.

So, the next time before you label someone's pain as Drama,
Think a bit first, add some periods, even insert a comma
To give yourself time before you too quickly jump to judging
Another's pain as 'Drama', restraining empathy from budging.

The all too familiar phrase, like: "There's nothing I can do",
Is nothing more than convenient words for the purpose to
Exempt oneself from caring, to free them from the guilt and shame
Of caring not about or for others yet being too cowardly to claim.

Drama may appear as 'just Drama' when it's not affecting you,
But when it does and hits home, making real its debut,
It is not then a trivial matter, insignificant, or minor
And you will not like it at all being labeled as a whiner.

So before you make assumptions to excuse your apathy,
Be careful how you perceive one's pain, show some empathy.
Before you regard another's pain as just fabricated fable,
Consider how real their pain is before using the Drama label.

"Drama only seems like 'just drama' when it's someone else's pain.
It doesn't become a real crisis, until it strikes one's home domain."
If you do not care about what others may be suffering through,
Don't expect caring in return, when troubles come to roost with you.

Poem by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly 
©2015-05-27 11:14:00 (EST) 
All rights reserved.
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Additional Credits - Image:
Author: Flachovatereza
Url: http://pixabay.com/get/adb11924e3b99f157675/1432761077/candles-520422_1280.jpg

"Drama only seems like 'just drama' when it's someone else's pain.
It doesn't become a real crisis, until it strikes one's home domain."
~ Quotes by Artsieladie

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Art by Artsieladie


Hello all, from Artsieladie!

When I was putting my previous post together for Memorial Day, 2015, to give honour and tribute to those who have served our country and gave the ultimate sacrifice with their lives, I made US Military Medallions to honour those who serve, have served, and those who have lost their lives from the several branches of our US Military; Department of Defense. But then I went a bit further and added these medallions to rosettes with our American colours. Here they are in alphabetical order. I also made one for our US Seal and for the US Merchant Marines, who deliver supplies needed to our US Military.

NOTE: They are all in PNG format with transparent backgrounds, which Google maintains, but if they are viewed on a platform such as Facebook, where every image is automatically converted to the JPG format which flattens an image and adds a background (either black or white), thus removing the transparency, one will not then be able to see "just the image without a background".

 "US Military Medallion Rosettes"
(plus others)
Art/design by Artsieladie
US Air Force
Art/design by Artsieladie
US Army
Art/design by Artsieladie
US Army National Guard
Art/design by Artsieladie
US Coast Guard
Art/design by Artsieladie
US Marines
Art/design by Artsieladie
 US Navy

 God Bless America and all those who their lives, gave! 
OUR DUTY is to honour, respect, their memories always save!

Now the US Seal Medallion Rosette and for the US Merchant Marines...
Art/design by Artsieladie
United States Emblem/Seal
Art/design by Artsieladie
US Merchant Marine
Google made the first six images into an animation with their cool "Auto Awesome" feature!
...except they made them have a black background. :(
Art/design by Artsieladie

Medallion/Rosette Designs by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly  
©2015-05-25 17:30:00 (EST) All rights reserved.
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"Freedom isn't free. It requires a sacrificial cost
Of lives given, so our freedoms aren't lost."
~ Quotes by Artsieladie
Art by Artsieladie