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Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie!

I believe everyone has within that grows,
Love in the form of a gorgeous rose.
But some keep it buried under mountains of debris,
Kept in total darkness, their rose, no one can ever see.

~ Artsieladie Quote

Sometimes the prettiest rose can be found among the thorns,
Behind the hurt and pain in the heart the rose adorns.

~ Artsieladie Quote
"The Rose Amidst The Thorns"

Full Size PNG:

1) As my way is made among the thorns,
An inner beauty a rose adorns.
A darkness present, tries to hide,
Still, the rose blooms bright inside.

The thicket of thorns, of brambles too,
Meant to discourage my getting through
To reach the rose, the sweetness of,
To taste, to touch, to feel its Love.

There's ice that's formed in places thick,
Yet, cause me not to make judgment quick.
For a rose to grow needs warmth and care,
So more than cold is dwelling there.

The blooming rose, its beauty showing,
Incites my senses, reminds my knowing,
Not easily held are treasures true,
Obstacles mount with search in lieu.

My intuition that lead me here
Detects not even an ounce of fear.
My curious nature now in command,
Right in sync with my heart's demand.

Inside my being there's building suspense,
Desire swelling, growing more intense.
As now the fragrance of the luring rose,
Perfumes the air, captures my nose.

Groping blindly through the dark,
While prickly thorns leave their mark.
The chilling cold, icicle forms,
Frozen remnants of painful storms.



2) The terrain is rough, ever daunting,
But abortive thoughts aren't haunting,
My curious nature, my intuitive heart,
Pushes me onward away from the start.

Until at last I'm bramble free,
A blessed warmth spreads over me.
The ice once thick is now all unfroze,
And I'm in the presence of a gorgeous rose!

As I stand in awe at this sight profound,
I know I'm standing on precious ground,
For the gorgeous rose glowing before my eyes,
Grows from the heart of the soul it beautifies.

I longed to touch but I refrained,
Such beauty before me mustn't be waned.
Should I touch, would it disappear?
Just the thought brought me fear.

My being possessed with adulation,
My heart touched, full transformation,
For suddenly I felt consumed by Love
And all its magic, made hence, thereof.

All pain forgotten through my pursuit,
As I savour this delicious fruit.
For there is no greater than Love to reap
And nothing more worthy than Love to keep.

My way I made among the thorns,
I found the heart the rose adorns;
A journey again I'd gladly take,
Because and for the precious sake...
Of Love.
3) And now...
Through all the pain and all the grief,
I still can find such great relief,
For inside I see yet a gorgeous rose,
Still so beautiful and still it glows.
And yes, I feel and know it's true,
The beauty that beats inside of you!

"Unhidden Rose"

Full size PNG:

1) Why is it do you suppose
I will search for one's rose;
Brave the brambles and the thorns
To seek the rose one's heart, adorns?
There was a time when too
My rose was deeply hidden.
Anyone who dared to enter
Was harshly so, forbidden.
Then one day a BRAVE soul
Dared to take a chance,
Determined as they were,
Stood firm in their stance...



2) ...The bravest of souls I must say
To take on such a feat,
But through the thicket dense,
They denied defeat.
When at last they reached
My guarded, precious rose,
The rest is history now,
No more hidden as it glows.
But should my rose be harmed,
Cause my heart to pain,
Beware of serious damage,
The brambles still remain!

Poems/Added rose/Quotes by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly 
Poem (main-#1): ©2014-02-04 09:07:00 (EST)
Poem (inlay-#2): ©2015-08-25 03:52:00 (EST)
Images: ©2015-08-25 All rights reserved.
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Additional Credits:
Original background image: Author - TanteTati
Url: http://pixabay.com/en/photos/download/rose-532458.jpg

"Some people hide their rose to protect their heart,
Especially if they've had before, their heart torn apart."
~ Quotes by Artsieladie
Art by Artsieladie

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