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Thursday, May 28, 2015


Hello all, from Artsieladie!

"Drama is 'just drama' when it's someone else's pain. 
It's not a real crisis, until it strikes one's home domain."
~ Artsieladie Quote

So often I hear/see the word "Drama" conveniently used for the purpose of dismissing what another is struggling with, enduring in their life. Granted there are people who seem to thrive on creating drama but when someone has a REAL problem or problems they are trying to deal with, it is very cruel and callous of those who label such as 'drama'. When there is involved a situation where another or others are causing a person harm and distress and then some like to label what they're going through and trying to deal with as 'drama', such people are cruel, callous, and heartless because instead of helping the victim, they "choose" to help and enable the perpetrator's agenda, victimising the victim even more. What kind of people are they? How can some people be so cruel and heartless?

As with so many of my poems and my writings, I speak from experience and I do so in the hopes I can reach and help others, either to help them to be spared of the same or similar or to those who have also, help them to realise they are not alone in their less than pleasant experiences in life.

I learned first hand on a website I was very active on and devoted to just how cruel and heartless some people can be and how much sheer pleasure some get from adding to a victim's plight. Instead of helping me, they (some of the site staff particularly) did everything they possibly could to make my situation even worse. I was bullied, insulted, ostracised, called all sorts of names (including a 'drama queen'), etc., etc. when I tried desperately to get help with the owner/programmer of the site invading my privacy by hacking into my computers and gaining access to my telephone conversations (eavesdropping) and not only did he do this (and still is 8+ years now) but he shared what he learned through invading my privacy with staff members running the site, one of which publicly verified. 

This was verified when topics of conversations I had ONLY on my phone, for i.e., surfaced on and were ridiculed ON THE WEBSITE. ..And no, not just once for once one could say it was just a coincidence, but this happened a number of times, in fact MANY. When I suspected what was happening, I deliberately baited and set the trap with the 'seed stories' and I repeatedly kept catching the very same rat! I learned very well how to set up very productive sting operations. ..And then I made sure I saved and documented it all for which I was then called a crazy, lying, paranoid lunatic by staff members for saving and documenting data/evidence supporting and proving my subjugation.

I realised they were just trying to discourage me from collecting the incriminating data because without it, they figured none of my claims would hold any water then and I wouldn't then have a leg to stand on. But they underestimated "my" intelligence. I know that when people deliberately try to steer you away from something, especially verifying data to implicate them and/or another they're protecting, they will deliberately try whatever they can to discourage you from investigating any further and they surely don't want a person who can expose them to have incriminating data against them or someone they're protecting. Therefore, by trying to discourage me, they inadvertently let me know that I was on the right track. So much for 'their' intelligence.

I deliberately planted "seed stories" just to see what and where from the conversations of would appear directly correlating with a specific topic of conversation I had had only on my phone. (I specify ONLY on my phone so I would know EXACTLY which device of mine's privacy and security was being compromised.) When a former vice mayor said 'publicly' the owner had shared with her information and particularly the information she referred to could only have been from invading my privacy, she verified in spades what all he is doing, and then besides the other I mentioned here beforehand as well for additional supporting data.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that when you only discuss a topic on your phone and then that very same topic becomes the topic of conversation right afterward on a website that you have GBs of data also pointing directly to the owner of the site invading your privacy (hacking your computers and eavesdropping on your phone), just WHO the stalker/hacker/privacy invader is becomes crystal clear.

It's not an easy task to pinpoint who the perpetrator is. You have to collect data continually and then review and look for repeated "behaviour patterns" and keep narrowing the information down until you find the common denominator. Through this process just one, the common denominator, will continuously be revealed and when you have umpteen instances all pointing to one individual, the data collected cannot be wrong.

For all those reading this and who are unsuspecting or in the dark... A person who is a computer programmer with a masters in computer science or the equivalent of AND who owns and operates a server, BE WARNED!!! Such an individual is privileged with LOTS of data about you, your device (ID), your location (IP address), the browser you're using, etc. and with cookies enabled they can track and monitor all of your online activity and this I mention for starters only. If there's any doubt, I suggest googling and researching just what such a person can do and have/gain access to of yours and about you. I would like to think that most programmers and server operators have ethics and value the right to privacy but this one doesn't. ..And for the record, the website is: www.elftown.com

Because I REFUSE to let him get away with invading my privacy, he is slandering my name all over the Internet accusing me of being a liar, I make up conspiracy theories, etc. and he has stolen my THOUSANDS of pieces of written and art works because he's denying me access to them and he's violating my copyright by doing so and by allowing others to use my work WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.

He has threatened me with, that if I didn't stop telling what I know about and have on him, he would ban me from the site (which he did) and he would throw me off the Internet. I guess he must be pretty disappointed with me then, eh? If he thinks I'm EVER going to stop telling the world about his unsavory, unethical, immoral practices through tech devices, he better guess again. I am NOT an enabler. When I know someone is doing something wrong that they shouldn't be doing, especially causing harm to someone or someones, I am going to say so. If he doesn't like it, then maybe he should have thought about what he's doing before he did so and maybe he should consider stop doing it? ..And it's highly unlikely I am his only victim. Seldom do these types focus on just one. Usually there are several or many and so, another reason I should not remain silent about this. But I do have hope still that sooner or later the right person will come along and put a stop to this once and for all. His Waterloo is coming!

..And to the person who told me I should cease and desist, do the world a favour and rid myself from it? I see you stopped by my blog here. Are you sorry to see I'm still alive and kicking? Awww! If so, I'm delighted that I have disappointed you then! Oh, and how's the business of trolling going for you, consisting of your bullying, bashing, ostracising, insulting, harassment, etc. practices? ..And aren't you so proud of yourself for supporting and backing up an online predator? Your set of values do leave a whole lot to be desired! How many other victims are you enjoying victimising even more? Wow! Hope you have added all these "unique talents" of yours to your resumé and of course, at the very top because they are indeed talents to be proud of! *said with sarcasm* ..if it's not obvious enough. Drop by anytime and may God always bless you.

Anyway, now on with my posting of "Drama". But please everyone reading, please be careful online, with your private info, etc. and just because something may seem impossible or unlikely to happen, it doesn't mean it can't happen. I didn't think what I'm being subjected to was possible either until I was forced to face it and being forced to have to deal with this as I am. Unfortunately, I had to learn this the hard way and I'm still paying the price because he won't leave me alone.

UPDATE - 2017-07-24: Immediately following a conversation on October 4, 2015, I had with a friend, that was supposed to be "private", in which I said to my friend that no matter what the hacker/stalker did with his invasion of my privacy, my life, he can't control my thoughts or feelings/emotions and he certainly can't keep my buddy, +Hans Galversson and I apart, my computer's harddrive was destroyed. It was a pure revenge tactic against me for saying what I said to my friend in what was supposed to be a "private conversation". ..And it certainly fits his "pattern of behaviour" which I have very well documented. Besides, I still have the message he sent to me, threatening to throw me off the Internet if I continued to speak out against what I am and have been subjected to. Considering I wasn't able to get back online in a working capacity for a year and a half, I guess he succeeded for awhile with "throwing me off the Internet", didn't he?

He caused $3000.00 in damages between the cost of fixing my computer and for the retrieval of data (my art and poetry). I was always vigilant with saving all the data I've documented and saved against him, but not with my creative works, but now I certainly am! ..And my computer no longer goes online for obvious reasons. ..And he is STILL stalking me (10.5 years and counting) because he has to make sure "I" know he is, but this is how stalkers operate. They want their victim to know but not anyone else so they can accuse their victim of lying, being crazy and paranoid and get away with it, since others can't see/witness what their victims are being subjected to. Should a victim expose them and their crimes, the stalker then seeks revenge against that victim.

When I think about all I did for him and his websites, a MEGA measure, and THIS is how much he appreciated it; THIS is the thanks I've been given in return, it would make me sick, except it speaks volumes about the type of person he is and one to be pitied for sure. I can't hate him. I can only feel sorry for him that he has to resort to such lowly measures because apparently, he hasn't the capacity or ability to pursue a better path of life for himself that's honourable and with integrity. ..And anyone who supports and enables such an individual, fits the same persona.

Poem by Artsieladie
Full Size PNG:

Drama is a word way too often used
For one's apathy to be subtly excused.
Granted there are some who dramatise a lot
To seek attention, make sure they aren't forgot.

Maybe they have been forgotten or treated like a fifth wheel.
Maybe they complain to avoid pain they’re trying not to feel.
The point is, we don't know what we cannot feel or see
And so we should remember this and tread more carefully.

There are many struggling within themselves painfully for real,
And when others display callously they do not care or feel
About what those who are suffering with and are going through,
It's discouraging to those suffering and much harder to undo.

When people don't care until a crisis hits their own home domain,
But expect others to care when it does, is so shallow and so vain.
When people show some caring, it helps to limit one's duress,
Can lift one from depression and a state of hopelessness.

All too often the pain unseen is dismissed, shoved aside,
But there's no greater pain than the pain hidden deep inside.
Just because someone's pain is obscured from plain sight,
It doesn't mean they are not battling with a painful plight.

Pain within unaddressed without an outlet or escape
Dooms the host of the pain into a dire, bitter shape.
For when pain is trapped within, it becomes a costly toll,
With no way of escaping, can destroy one's heart and soul.

So, the next time before you label someone's pain as Drama,
Think a bit first, add some periods, even insert a comma
To give yourself time before you too quickly jump to judging
Another's pain as 'Drama', restraining empathy from budging.

The all too familiar phrase, like: "There's nothing I can do",
Is nothing more than convenient words for the purpose to
Exempt oneself from caring, to free them from the guilt and shame
Of caring not about or for others yet being too cowardly to claim.

Drama may appear as 'just Drama' when it's not affecting you,
But when it does and hits home, making real its debut,
It is not then a trivial matter, insignificant, or minor
And you will not like it at all being labeled as a whiner.

So before you make assumptions to excuse your apathy,
Be careful how you perceive one's pain, show some empathy.
Before you regard another's pain as just fabricated fable,
Consider how real their pain is before using the Drama label.

"Drama only seems like 'just drama' when it's someone else's pain.
It doesn't become a real crisis, until it strikes one's home domain."
If you do not care about what others may be suffering through,
Don't expect caring in return, when troubles come to roost with you.

Poem by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly 
©2015-05-27 11:14:00 (EST) 
All rights reserved.
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"Drama only seems like 'just drama' when it's someone else's pain.
It doesn't become a real crisis, until it strikes one's home domain."
~ Quotes by Artsieladie

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Art by Artsieladie

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