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Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Hello all, from Artsieladie!
*Updated: 2017-07-17

It seems either there are more and more fakes in the world or the Internet is bringing them out through making it possible for anonymity to be easy. Either way it's becoming increasingly so, a "world without a Conscience". When a person is guided by their Conscience, the person will be aware and try to do what's right, regardless of where they are or whether they are alone or in the presence of others. This would include being online, whether behind a computer or a mobile device.

When a person is guided by their Conscience, their Inner Voice, which is the voice that tells them what's right and what's wrong, they have a tendency to think before they act and/or speak, period, for they know they will be left with a Guilty Conscience if they elect to do something they know to be wrong and a Guilty Conscience to a conscience minded individual is very unpleasant to live with and possibly even more unpleasant to clear, for to clear a Guilty Conscience, it takes a person of courage, of integrity, self disciplined, and of good moral character.

But we also live in a world with a society that favours "justification" and rebukes "accountability". Therefore, people tend to justify everything they do and once justified, they feel exonerated from any and all accountability. However, any time where justification is needed or felt needed to seek, the rightness or the morality of the action becomes already in question because anything that is morally right to do needs no justification whatsoever.

In regards to 'fakes' or 'human wolves', there are many types, of many degrees or levels of being a threat or a menace to society. Wolves range from total and complete aliases for the purpose of stealing other people's identity to steal from them to wolves just being role players of being someone different than who they really are in real life and the reasons they use to justify are endless.

Personally, I'm so fed up with these fakes, these wolves, and all types. What has happened to "real"? It's becoming increasingly difficult for a 'real' person to survive in this 'world of fake'.

"Beware Of The Sheep"

Art/poem by Artsieladie Art/poem by Artsieladie
PNG urls:
(1) https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-HSuJ_AwcJU8/WWxA86TRAWI/AAAAAAAAH4M/7AHdFwtWY94nX3K1iu1rHa7Oe1AFljk6ACKgBGAs/s792/BewareOfTheSheep-PageOne-ByArtsieladie2014-12-09_612x792.png
(2) https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Ufgs_WETLIQ/WWxA83NFsoI/AAAAAAAAH4M/3Tk-NRpdCMIqcb_-4AoPVMO5e7AoEzTewCKgBGAs/s792/BewareOfTheSheep-PageTwo-ByArtsieladie2014-12-09_612x792.png

Beware Of The Sheep who "Baa-a-as" so sweet!
Are there hooves present or paws for feet?
Check the wool, do thoroughly feel,
Polyester, the finest, or is it real?

Examine closely if you're feeling charmed,
For you may be the prey to be disarmed.
Seduction is subtle, cunning, disguised,
And when mastered, it's unrecognised
By the unsuspecting, gentle and caring,
Who aren't looking for a sheep to be wearing
An overcoat of make believe wool
Or the sworn truth which really is bull.

Remember the devil, as you might have guessed,
Doesn't come with horns, so obviously dressed.
No! The devil comes cloaked, "cloaked as a saint",
Under the Umbrella of God's Words to paint
A picture to convince, make you believe,
Masterly done to artistically deceive.

Don't be afraid though to investigate.
Don't ignore intuition or even hesitate
Because inside of you is the Truthful Voice
Of God telling you to make the choice
Of listening to Him, for He does not lie,
And it is He on Who you CAN rely.
Not on one who slyly laces their words
With sweetness, perfumed, but really are turds
Of crap, of bull, of stinking dung,
All spit out from their forked, split tongue.

So if you get a whiff, follow your nose,
Don't dare swallow what they propose.
Avoid them surely like The Plague instead.
Be NOT their prey to be on, fed.
Each human wolf is a treacherous beast,
Hearts and souls are which on, they feast.
There's no more cunning, shrewd, or sly,
Than a wolf as a sheep to fool the eye.

Beware Of The Sheep, posing as a friend.
Closely inspect, whether real or pretend.
Remember too, they travel in packs,
Working together, covering their tracks.
Don't become their filet mignon, juicy steak.
Insist they prove they are real not fake.
If there's nothing they're hiding,
They'll be willing and abiding,
To show themselves as real and true.
Anything less, they're fooling you.

Keep closely in touch with your Inner Voice.
It is God warning you to be careful of your choice.
These wolves may fool 'us', mislead, misguide,
But from the Wrath of God they cannot hide.
Regardless of how these wolves are dressed so well,
They shall reap what they sow in the Fires of Hell.

So, Beware Of The Sheep who "Baa-a-as" so sweet!
You may be instead a potential to eat!

Poem/art by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly 
Poem: ©2014-12-09 01:04:00 (EST)
Art: ©2017-07-16
All rights reserved.
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Additional Credits:
Inspirational credit:
Inspired by God and my Inner Voice, the Voice of God.

"When justification is sought, the rightness and morality of an action is already questionable."
~ Quotes by Artsieladie
Art by Artsieladie

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