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Sunday, December 7, 2014


Hello all, from Artsieladie!

One of the cruelest acts one can do to another is lead another to believe they are Loved, they are special above other people, when the truth of the matter is, the other isn't considered as such at all by them. It's called toying with or playing with another's heart.

When you lead another to believe they are that special someone and the other then falls in Love with you, you can't then blame the other person. The person to blame is yourself and it is your ego you chose to feed at the costly expense of another's heart along with the other person's trust.

Truth can be tough to face or hear, but the same truth added with betrayal, especially involving another person's heart, is devastating to the one victimised. Such callous, cruel, and selfish behaviour usually causes very deep scars in the victimised person, destroying their ability to trust again.

I've witnessed both men stringing women along and usually with more than one on their string and women pretending they Love him but are only after what they can get out of the man. BOTH are despicable, evil acts!

A friend of mine recently discovered that she was just one of the women the man she loved was wooing. I know the tremendous hurt and anguish she is experiencing because I've had the same done to me. So this poem is for her, myself, and all those who have been so emotionally devastated and their trust destroyed by such selfish individuals. Thankfully, not all men and women are ego feeding maniacs.

"The Key"

I opened up my heart, to a man I gave The Key.
He told me I am special, he profoundly Loves me.
Sweetly scented words he served, a tasty cuisine,
Appealing to my palette, were presented as pristine.

Being that my heart has been trampled on before,
I was filled with doubt, afraid to crack the door.
But he wore down my defenses to my innermost space,
Always reassuring me I was in 'his' highest place.

Many times over he professed his Love to me,
How amazing I am and so happy I make he.
So many times on truth and about trust he spoke,
With reference to God to reinforce, invoke.

He made me feel safe to trust him with my heart,
Safe to open the door to my deepest, inner part.
He made me feel so special, said I'm his number one
'Til finally my resistance was lowered down to none.

So I let him in and led him to my place preserved
Inside my heart where for only one's reserved.
It's a uniquely special place I guard and protect,
The center of my Love profound, honour and respect.

For one to enter here, this place, my deepest part,
He must earn the sole title, "King of my Heart".
Once he's appointed this role, a kingly position,
I will defend him with Love against all opposition.

When upon entry, a man is let inside,
Trusted is to him for in his own heart to reside,
The most precious part of me by God's Own Design,
The Key to my heart and soul with this Love of mine.

In this central part, he is the center of my life,
Rejoicing in his joy, sharing of his strife.
For the King of my Heart, nothing's too good or much.
Only he is privileged, my intimacy to touch.

But now I'm in dismay as I wade from the shore,
Finding other hearts he's offered the same decor.
They too, have been led, made to believe,
They're 'special' just as I am, making me naive.

Being damaged goods, make the cut, I cannot,
Trust again broken, refreshing wounds forgot.
Once again my heart bleeds, flowing and free
Among 'special' hearts to the man I gave The Key.

I must wade through the waters, variegated red,
Where my own and others' hearts have now bled.
For The Key to my heart, I must search until I find,
Lock again my heart with no more trust that's blind.

To the sweet, kind man to whom I gave The Key:
"Sir, my heart's bleeding now, all because of thee.
Tell me please, how does a man of Faith condone, justify,
The toying with hearts, the breaking of, and why?"

Art/poem by Artsieladie
Full Size PNG: 
Design/Graphics/Poem by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly 
©2014-12-07 03:50:00 (EST) 
All rights reserved.
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"Truth may be hard to take but truth added to betrayal can have deep and lasting effects."
~ Quote by Artsieladie
Art by Artsieladie

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