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Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Hello all, from Artsieladie!

"If I Had Wings..."

If I Had Wings I would fly to a land across the sea,
In the arms of the one I Love, where I long to be.
To look into his eyes, into his beautiful soul,
Touch his face, trace his smile, ‘tis a joyful goal.
To all his sweet, kind words, my heart does so rejoice,
But sweeter they would be, to hear spoken by his voice.
To hug him close, his heart, the beating of, feel,
Against my beating own, profound and surreal.
If I Had Wings I would fly to a land far away,
Where I go in my dreams, both of night and day.

Poem by Artsieladie

Full Size PNG:
Design/Poem by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly
©2014-10-21 07:09:00 (EST)
All rights reserved.
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Background courtesy from Pewter7: http://pewter7.blogspot.com/
"When it comes to kindness, caring, hope, and love, 
there is no distance between hearts and souls connected."
~ Quote by Artsieladie
Art by Artsieladie

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