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Thursday, May 11, 2017


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie!

I'm sure many folks can relate to this poem. The hardest aspect about losing one you Love is missing them, no longer having them in our life. If we could only talk to them, the grief wouldn't be so hard to endure. 
"Line Of Love"
Art/poetry by Artsieladie

Full Size PNG:

For long distance there's a plan
To reach the world around, 
But to where I need to reach, 
A line cannot be found. 

Long distance is good to have, 
But it doesn't meet my need. 
Technology falls short, 
Cannot fulfill my plead.

If Heaven I could call, 
I'd call Heaven every day. 
Maybe then my heart would
Not hurt so much this way. 

All service providers' stocks
Would soar off the chart,
If we could talk to Heaven, 
Connect with those in our heart. 

Heaven's line would be flooded
From use, red hot all the time. 
What profits could be made
With a charge of just a dime! 

But just like other services, 
I'm sure there would be greed,
Capitalising on the hearts
Who'd want to fill this need. 

Long distance to Heaven
Would be beyond great
And would be the 'Line Of Love'
Straight to Heaven's Gate!

Art/Poem by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly 
©2016-05-09 16:34:00 (EST) 
All rights reserved.
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"Have a great day, make it count before it's passed,
Because we never know which day will be our last."
~ Quotes by Artsieladie
Art by Artsieladie

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