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Saturday, January 10, 2015


Hello all, from Artsieladie!

This poem is about being in Love with someone but being afraid to acknowledge it outwardly for fear of rejection, fear they'll use it and abuse it, and/or they'll mock and belittle the Love you feel. Then you eventually get up the courage to reveal it, but not necessarily to the one you Love.

At some point in my life I realised there is no shame in Loving and caring about another deeply. If there's to be shame in a Love Equation of any type, the shame must be born by the receiver should the receiver be unappreciative and/or choose to abuse the Love for them. ♥ 

"Love Balloon"
Poem/art by Artsieladie
Full Size PNG:

I wrote his name on a balloon,
Encircled it in a heart.
Soon my fingers to release it,
Soon it shall depart.

As I watch it rise into
The heavens high above,
I've sent it to the Universe,
Proclaiming all my Love.

What has been a secret
Kept hidden deep inside,
Is a secret no longer
As the fear did subside.

For so long fear held me captive,
Fear my heart imprisoned,
But now I'm free to feel the Love
My heart has envisioned.

It matters not what others say
Nor whatever they perceive,
My heart’s now free to Love
And in Love to believe.

Poem/Photo edit by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly
©2014-03-24 19:00:00 (EST)
All rights reserved.
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Original photo author: by Nionel (Melissa)
Url: http://www.elftown.com/stuff/z/169023/Sky%2520Stock/i1277153617_13.jpg

"There is no shame in the 'giving of Love'. There can only be shame in the 'receiving of Love' 
should the receiver be unappreciative of the Love given to, shown to, them."
~ Quotes by Artsieladie
Art by Artsieladie

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