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Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Hello all, from Artsieladie!

When the ball is in another's court
To admit their wrong, make full report,
Suddenly, their silence is all you'll hear,
For courage to, their conscience, clear
Is lacking and so, if any words are said,
They're finding fault to blame you instead.

Your Silence remains but your Silence says more
About the man I grew to admire, greatly adore.
I thought you were a man of courage and strength,
That you were a man who would go the length.

But I see you give up with the slightest curve
In the road, at a bend, you lose your nerve.
If with a bump, a hill, you call curtain time,
Then a mountain you wouldn't ever climb.

If you can't handle a minor gale,
I'd be afraid with you a ship to sail.
For when the seas would get a little rough,
You'd abandon ship at the slightest huff.

I see you give up when the chips are downed.
You stand not to hold your ground.
I never pegged you to be a wuss,
To pout and sulk, put on a puss.

Surprisingly enough, you had much to say,
When things were going all your way.
As long as I agreed, sang your praises too,
Things were just fine, just fine with you.

But as soon as things got a little bit sticky
And shoving ego aside a bit too tricky,
All because my Love you insulted by choice,
Your apology needed has silenced your voice.

Where's all that Love you have for me?
So PROFOUND I was meant to see!
So many times you claimed, professed,
Emphatically upon me you impressed.

I'm guessing your Love isn't quite as PROFOUND,
As you have stated to me and made it sound.
For it's all up and left, it does indeed appear
And your Silence is making this perfectly clear.

If a simple apology to me you cannot give,
Then in your heart Love for me does not live
Nor has it ever because Real Love doesn't quit
When something goes wrong a little bit.

Tell yourself just how perfect you are,
As well the moon and every star.
Bathe in Silence, deny the shame,
My Love you've mocked, yet refuse to claim.

Keep your Silence as you dim your Light.
My candle holder isn't quite as bright,
As I thought you were and looked up to you,
Only to find your Light's not true.

Your Silence speaks volumes, loud and clear.
You never Loved me nor did you revere.
Silence is better, that is, according to you,
But you're just another man who's proved untrue.

In essence to you I've been fun, a joke,
As you mocked God's Gift, used as a cloak,
To make your polished words seem, appear,
Sweet and fragrant, as true and sincere.

Oh yes, indeed, you ARE very reserved,
Not for modesty are your words preserved,
But for the desired results through calculation,
Delivered carefully to maintain adoration.

Still my heart, though gripped in pain,
Has tried to reach out again and again.
If your Love is true as you have stated,
Your Silence you'd see as antiquated.

Since there's no point anymore to plead,
I'll make my exit and thus secede.
My Real Love for you, you threw away,
Like it was trash, a game to play.

But just know this, know what you've done,
You've thrown away the only one,
Who'd always Love you through thick and thin,
Because my heart, my Love, you did win.

In your presence I felt so blessed.
I thought the man I'd found to be the best
Like none other I'd ever met,
The One my heart would not forget.

But your Silence tells me I was wrong.
And now this Love that does belong
To you, I must scrub clean from my slate,
Set free my heart, eradicate.

I once thanked God for you, a blessin',
Now I thank Him for you, the lesson.
Before trusting, require proof undeterred,
Never again take a man at his word.

I have to say though, I feel it's really a must,
Thank you so much for destroying my Trust.
Add this credential to the rest of yours.
Perhaps it will bring you more similar scores.

Now I can walk away knowing I've done all I can do,
And knowing God Knows my Love is real and true.
I don't give up easily nor do I sway
And I haven't now. You threw me away.

So dear, in your Silence remain and dwell
But this is so long, goodbye, farewell.
As I make my exit and bid you adieu,
You I forgive and may God bless you.

Poem by Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly 
©2014-01-07 15:17:00 (EST)
All rights reserved.
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Additional Credits:
Inspirational credit goes to those who care not about the hearts they break.

"Withdrawal is the worst when the drug is Love.
It is the MOST painful to raise oneself above!
~ Quotes by Artsieladie
Art by Artsieladie

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